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(Maps for Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror)



At the moment, Snake-KoRn has created 20 goodworking maps.

Go and check my maps, and vote them! Leave a comment please.


Date: May, 1st 2014

New map added !





Date: Decembre, 23th 2009

 New Clanmap added !!



More info:
Check the Clanmaps Page!




Date: August, 6th 2008

THE -TM-Tactical Mappack has been released !!!!!  

For those who didn't knew, the -TM- Mappack wasn't a succes, so I decieded to rebuild it again. And today, I hope it will have more succes, I am honoured to present you:
The new -TM-Tactical Mappack by Snake-KoRn !!!

Download at Mappacks page!.

Enjoy the new maps, and leave a comment in the guestbook !

Mapper Designer


Snake-KoRn in Gameplay 



My old "Tactical Mappack"  Trailer


Stay up-to-date !


=[ July 2008 News ]=
part 1

TO-CTF-StreetChaos has been updated.
There are no 'sudden-death' places anymore.

Download: See the Clan Maps page.

Broken links are being repaired. Not all the maps are downloadable.

Maplinks fixed:
TO-1-TrooperReMiX apart download

-My Other Maps-

-Clan Maps-

Updated versions:
TO-Snake-KoRn    [With new fixed since today] 

Uploaded files:
Look under map TO-Castle
Look under map TO-CTF-StreetChaos



 =[ July 2008 News]=
part 2

The -TM-Mappack is being rebuild!

Since it hadn't a succes at all, I decided to rebuild the mappack.
The releaseday is still quite far away.


Snake-KoRn goes Tactical Ops: Crossfire

I have installed Tactical Ops: Crossfire, and I will start mapping for the game!
No map for the game is almost finished, so please don't be waiting like a dog for the upcoming maps.


=[ June 2008 News]=

New map released !


Download at Clanmaps Page.


=[Decembre 2007 News]=

Website changed. Now it is for all the maps.


=[Novembre 2007 News]=

New map released !


Download at Clanmaps Page.


=[July 2007 News]=

Websites in progress !

Mapping Tutorials

English Version, Dutch Version

English Version :

Dutch Version :

ENJOY !!!!

About me

Here i will tell you some things about myself ....

Nickname   : Snake-KoRn
Real Name : Pieter
Age             : Octobre, 12th 1989
Msn adress : not showed.
Mapping Game(s) : Tactical Ops AoT
Version(s)   : 3.4.0
Speciallity   : Mapping
Clan(s)        : =[KYA]=
Country       :  Belgium
Maps finished : 20
Favourite map My Maps: TO-1-TrooperReMiX
Favourite map Other Map : TO-AoT-bellaItalia

Enjoy the website & all downloads !